Our Story

Claire Blocker and April Figgess crossed paths many times working in the interior design industry in the decade prior to opening Parc Studio. The founders were drawn toward working together as they both shared a mindset that was uncommon in many businesses. Both agreed they wanted to build an intimate, client-centered business.

The most important core value they share is a dedication to spending one-on-one time with clients, not just at the beginning of new relationships, but throughout every step of a project. They are both deeply involved in each project and together create chic and functional spaces.

The founders knew if they could build a studio based on their ability to connect with people, and help them find joy in the design process, they would be successful.

April admired Claire’s global perspective from having studied and worked in Europe and New York. Claire was impressed with April’s unmatched technical skills and understanding of preconstruction and construction management. The designers-turned-friends quickly realized the powerful impact that their combined skillsets could offer clients; inspired creativity and technical perfectionism.

Aligned with a passion to be hands-on and deeply invested in each client project, the team is committed to building a business centered on client relationships. This connection has become the hallmark of Parc Studio. The team delivers a personal experience.

The passion the founders bring to their work and their design of beautiful, timeless spaces have allowed the studio to thrive.